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We believe that a small change in the viewpoint along the journey of our connections & communications can lead to results that would otherwise require paradigm change & efforts. We aim at a scenario where the clichéd mutually beneficial encapsulates things beyond corporate goals.

New Media has changed the very perception of how entertainment content is created and consumed. Many boundaries have vanished and many are thinning by the day. Media Convergence has led to the discovery of interconnectedness among diverse fields of human progress and development. Mursil.com is a strong believer in the power of this interconnectedness and we work hard to ensure that every single service that we provide to our clients adds value to their overall brand reputation.

Freelance Contracts undertaken for:

Creative & Technical Authoring

Visual Design

Branding & Advertising

Naming Services

Design Services For Print & Web

Audio-Video Corp. Communications

UI Usability Research

Ethnographic Branding & Services