Naming & Branding

Starting that new big idea?! Let work together with you in creating the Brand Name that:

  • is unique and not lost in the crowd.
  • reflects your corporate vision,
  • has a high recall value
  • maintains its impact across diverse languages and cultures,
  • effuses the ethos of the brand identity and marketability with effectiveness and simplicity
  • speak in a word what would otherwise require a jargon-laden Corporate Profile or a expensive advertising campaign.

Our naming service consultancy services, branded as Impresign offers naming services for brands, organizations & campaigns. All this is done with in-depth and fast turn-around research of corporate nomenclatures on a cross-continental and language-neutral basis.

Naming is a service that we take with the same passion and devotion as employed by human species for their offspring.

Naturally, therefore, we work closely with our clients to discover the name that is to signify and identify their organization and the brand.

Naming consultancy services provided for:
  • Commercial Organizations
  • Product/Service Brands
  • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
  • Events and Promotion

Contact Mursil Media today to discover that name that would represent the vision that you foresee for your organization.