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Re-think about the whole concept of a Website.
Move out of the box and glide on the clouds…Google Cloud

Google Sites set-up services offered by us will make your online brand stand apart from the crowd by making your site not just pretty but  functional and robust as any of those so called “premier websites” that you come across on the internet.

Google Sites in brief

Google Sites is the best thing to happen for people looking for a quick and effective online presence, without the hassle of paying for Web Hosting, Web Designing etc.
Being a product of the leading web brand Google, you site will be instantly ready with the latest Internet gadgetr

Why should I use Mursil.com for Google Apps & Sites Set-up?

  • Baseline Cost: We offer most economical pricing for Services to Set-up and CustomizeGoogle Apps and Google Sites
  • Free Content Write-up: One of the most important factors for a successful website is the content on Corporate information, which most small scale companies either lack, because they never felt need in the pre-website phase, or ignore since they cannot afford a standard/decent copyrighting service. This is where Mursil.com marks a difference. We thoroughly guide you to refine your marketing pitch in the style that is compatible and advantageous in the new media platforms like internet. With experience in branding and positioning for many big companies, we will make sure that your corporate identity creates the big impact.
  • Free Level 1 Training: We strongly believe that, for a website or a web app to meet the business expectations, the client should get conversant with some fundamentals of how the websites work. Our Set-up services include free guidance on basics of site management. An informed website owner has greater chances to make online presence, with technologies like Google Sites & Google Apps, a success.
  • No Per-Page Cost: Most Small website packages cost you per page. It limits the potential of a small website owner. If your content is of same theme and does not require any complex programming we will not charge you for any number of extra pages.
  • Flash/Rich Media: Google Sites does not allow using Flash files in pages created with Google Sites. To overcome this we offer external hosting of Flash or any Rich Media files for no extra cost. For many of our clients we have created compelling Flash Animations for use in their Google Sites website.
  • First Mover: We are one of the earliest Google implementors with experience in implementing all popular Google technologies.

  • other highlights:
    • our google template is among the top 10 templates on google sites.
    • we are the only company to offer absolutely free services for set-up of google apps for non-profit organizations (registered with government)

    So get in touch with us to discover how simple it is to have the latest technologies work for your business.

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    Power your website with Google ecosystem

    Imagine your web site on the same server as Google’s, using the same technology as Google’s. With Google’s unchallenged position in Online World, your site on Google Sites is your ticket to Online Success.

    All this without worrying about the technical intricacies. Google, with services like Google Custom Search Engine, Google Maps, Google Docs (which includes Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations) has virtually conquered the online world. Getting all these features integrated in your Google Sites is extremely easy, and if you need some functionally tailored feature Mursil.com can set-up a relevant gadget from the vast gallery of Google Gadgets for Google Sites, thousands of which exist for every functional requirement that one can think of.

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