Services & Specialties

New Media has changed the very perception of how entertainment content is created and consumed. Many boundaries have vanished and many are thinning day by day. Media Convergence has led to the discovery of interconnectedness amongst diverse fields of human progress and development. is a strong believer in the power of this interconnectedness and we work hard to ensure that every single service that we provide to our clients adds value to their overall brand reputation. offers services for the following:

We offer consultancy for the entire life-cycle of a Story. You may be a budding filmmaker or a music enthusiast passionate to share your creative rhythm, or a documentary film-maker working on your unique project, MC2 from Mursil Media will ensure that you make maximum use of the latest tools and technologies available to reduce production time and cost, and maximize the potential of your project.

We don’t sell boxed products, we package your talent, your creativity and your vision using media convergence technologies available; very much in line with our slogan: Revealing the Big Message in a Small World”

So get in touch with us and tell us your story. We will ensure it derives maximum impact for the investments of your creativity, time, money & dreams.


  • Market & Social Research
    • Consumer Behavioral Trend Analysis
    • Ethnographic Research
    • Policy Impact Guaging
    • Media Assimilation Research
    • Socio-Political Demographics
  • Advertising Platforms
    • National Print (Newspapers, Magazines)
    • Event based promotions
    • Multiplex Cinemas
    • Point of Sale campaigns
  • Satellite & Cable TV
    • Research based slot bookings for maximum impact
    • Cross media supplementary campaigns
    • Optimum ROI by keeping track of seasonal discounts, Bouquet packages & monitoring competition campaigns